Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy Weekend at Wild Horse Pass

Right near "our" casino this weekend is the NHRA Arizona Nationals drag races across the road at the Firebird Raceway. Tuesday we had come home to a really, really, really nice rig next to had a semi tractor type cab and a slide that opened up 20 feet I swear. Turns out it was a racer named Matt Hagen ...I chatted with him a bit the next morning and when we go back Wednesday night the rig was gone across the street. It does not really trip my trigger but Bill is all excited when we hear the funny cars rev sounds like they are next door although it is at least a mile or so away.

Right now it is raining here in Chandler which is nice as today I really needed to do next to nothing and try to destress somewhat. It has been so hectic lately that I don't know if I'm coming or going. We are going to be working spring training for the Oakland A's it appears. We went in last week and had our alcohol servers training...4 hours not paid which I am not too pleased about but it was mandatory. Serving alcohol here is about the same as in Wisconsin but the Aramark manager that ran the training also runs an ampitheatre in New Mexico. In that state if you do not do practically everything under the sun to find out if someone you are serving is a minor, you will be handcuffed immediately, spend 18 months in prison and pay $15,000 in fines. I would NOT be serving alcohol in New Mexico. We will be working some sort of a deep fried potato booth. Bill is going to be a grill cook and I am a gofer...kind of like real life. They called the other day wanting to know is chef coat size....this will DEFINITELY be different. But Aramark is a good company to get in with as they run venues all over the country and like the manager stated "You can travel with the company".

We are still up in the area as far as summer employment goes as we have not heard from the Census yet. I'm going to give them until the first week in March and then call and jog their memory. It would help if they hired us in Pickerel as then we can get some decisions made as to what is going to go on with both the Oshkosh house and the Pickerel house. As of right now my brother is 2 months late on the Oshkosh payments which will not continue as far as I'm concerned. We now had to try loan modification on the house there too as we can't cover both mortgages. If he is still behind when we get back in April then as far as I am concerned he is out....Bill is not quite on board with that yet but this is ridiculous! He will also be losing the vehicle and the cell phone as they come from us too so he better lower his standards and find some sort of employment, no matter what it is. If we can do $4 gas shops and hawk beer and fried potatoes at a ball park, he can sure as hell get a job flipping burgers or bartending. I have had it. Twenty five years of helping both of them out and this is what I get. There will be no more help from me - EVER.

We just found out that three people from Amazon that filed for unemployment in Kansas are having their unemployment contested by Express. What a bunch of bull. Now we have to worry about that one too. Bill should be ok though as we have copies of the contract stating the last day was December 23.

Tomorrow we are heading down to Yuma as we have a cosmetic reset in one of the Albertson's stores on Monday. Cosmetic pegging is not a favorite but it is an all day or possibly two day project which helps the bottom line. Hopefully Albertson's will be ok with us boondocking overnight in their parking lot as we need to start at 8am. Yuma has a ban against boondocking that they can use if needed as they get so many winter visitors. Unlike here in Phoenix where we have been boondocking at the casino here now for almost two weeks straight. We had checked on rates for parks in the area during spring training and most wanted over $400 plus electric...crazy!

The only thing I can say about life right now is thank god that it is warm and I at least have some energy. If I was dealing with all of this stress and mess and it was 10 below I don't think I'd be able to do has got to get better for everyone, right?

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  1. Thats why i filed in Florida for un-employment. I had to pass on Aramark cause Al is working so many hours. Didn't have a way there. But I told her I wanted to do it next year.