Saturday, February 26, 2011

Georgia - One More Area Off the List!

In our quest to add to the list of "areas we don't want to live in forever" we can add the Atlanta area. I have heard that the coastal areas around Savannah and the barrier islands of Georgia are pretty awesome but we have not had the chance to visit them yet. We arrived in Douglasville, Georgia on January 29. Douglasville is about 30 miles west of Atlanta and is an okay little town. On Super Bowl Sunday Bill did not have to work thankfully so it saw us in a Buffalo Wild Wings near the mall in Douglasville surrounded by half a bar full of Steelers fans who were somewhat rude and obnoxious. If I heard another round of "Here we go Steelers, here we go" I was getting ready to lose it! They would have been insufferable if they would have won I tell you. But at the end some of the more vocal idiots did come up to us and shake our hand and congratulate us. We boondocked that night in the mall parking lot next door and were woken up by a security guard pounding on the door at 6am although we had cleared our staying over with mall security the night before. So back to Walmart we went.

The week of the 14th saw us in Gainesville, Georgia where Bill's company, Prime Retail, is headquartered. We would have liked to stay near Lake Lanier but all the Army Corps of Engineer camgrounds were closed until March or April. Bill was doing repairs on one of the owner's houses for the week so we became truck stop residents. I really don't mind staying at the truck stops but the amount of trash that the truckers leave is just pathetic. Especially when there are garbage cans everywhere....we even saw a twin mattress thrown out at one of them! But they are better than Walmart for boondocking as we can stay a few nights at the same location and they are fine with it.

Atlanta traffic was bad but not as bad as some of the cities we have been in such as LA and Houston. They just don't know how to merge, pull into the intersection for a left turn nor go around someone who is turning left. And they don't have liquor stores....they have bottle stores and package one of Bill's managers put it "There is something about the word liquor that scares Southern Baptists."  And of course the "no alcohol sales on Sundays" applies!

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