Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Falcon State Park - Roma Texas

We have been staying at Falcon State Park since Sunday March 6 as Bill and Jr had to do the Family Dollar in Roma Texas about 16 miles south. We had to get a campsite as there were not many places to boondock as Roma is a small town not too mention the fact that it has been in the high 90s the last few days. Boondocking is best between 50 and 75 degrees as neither the heat nor the air is needed. In fact, although I hate to say it, it is easier to boondock in the cold rather than in the hot. You can always run the furnace a little bit and then add more can't get away from the heat without the A/C.

Yesterday I had to go to through Roma to get to the Walmart in Rio Grande City for my prescriptions. Here is how close you are to Mexico there.

Later that evening by our campsite we had another visitor besides the multitude of birds that winter in the area.

Tomorrow morning we head back east to Decatur Georgia and some cooler temperatures.

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