Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Being Home Part II

It was very difficult for both of us to be home for so short a time and then have to leave. It wasn't as hard the first time we left in October of 2009 as we knew winter was coming and it is something we both dislike rather intensely. It was not even as hard when we were back last March before Bill started this job with Prime as we didn't know what would come of it and we hadn't been so many places. It was harder for a couple of reasons, one being that summer is coming and I wanted to garden and Bill wants to fish. Also, now that we have traversed the US a couple of times and visited 26 of the 50 states we have a somewhat different view of traveling. Do we still like it? Absolutely. Do we like moving every week or so? Absolutely not. Do we like staying in Walmart parking lots or at truck stops to save money? Again, we would pass on this if we could.

Right now we are sitting in the truck section of a service stop on the Connecticut Turnpike because there are no Super Walmarts nor campgrounds near to Bill's Target in Stamford. Space is such a premium around here that the Target does not have a parking lot but rather a parking garage. I am getting tired of the loud and dirty truck stops -- Bill couldn't sleep very well this afternoon due to the noise and there were two large piss bottles left lying next to the rig from some trucker overnight.

On the other hand we are seeing and doing things that many people will never have the chance, or perhaps take the chance, to do. I know I should feel grateful that we have this opportunity but sometimes I just want to have the quiet of my woods and to wake up knowing exactly where I am in the first few coherent moments. Sometimes I actually have to remind myself where we are in the morning. I should let it go and go with the flow more but the organized part of me is frustrated at not being able to plan ahead more than two weeks or so. For example, we know this Sunday he has to be in Montgomeryville which is a northern suburb of Philadelphia. After that? He talked to one of the project managers at work today and he said that there may be work in Minnesota after that. Great! But we just spent $1000 on fuel coming home and now we have to head back that way again? And then after that Atlanta? I am not sure how we are going to be able to swing this with the fuel costs if they keep zigzagging us around like this. It is not very easy for me to find work to help out when we are in large areas like this where I don't know where I'm going and if the area is safe to work either. Plus the way they drive on I-95 is absolutely nuts. Connecticut even had to take out the toll booths as there were too many accidents on the turnpike!

Sometimes this life feels almost surreal, like we have been doing it forever and that it is "normal".

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