Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rocking In The Wind

Here is a view from the door this cloudy you can't even see the mountains and standing water in the desert! Right now the RV is rocking back and forth in the winds and we rescheduled the Yuma run to Saturday due to flash flood warnings as the road down there has many dips in it with flood warning signs. Bill went to rescue some aluminum cans that were blowing around and the wind on the door almost ripped his arm out of the socket. They are saying the wind will be 40 to 50mph this afternoon. Hopefully the wind will die down somewhat later and we can go get some laundry done. Bill tried to do some yesterday during the late morning and of course it was jam packed. We have found that the best time to do laundry is about 5pm as all the older folks are either at dinner or at home for the night. The show even closes at 5pm which is very strange to us. All shows that we have been to have ran into the evening but possibly that is due to the fact that they were inside a building mostly during the winter. We have been saving on dryer costs by using the outdoor clothes rack but today might not be the best of days to use that. We are sitting in the RV trying to catch up on some back paperwork and taxes as well as internet stuff. Of course, everyone else around here is doing the same so the connection is slooooowwww and sporadic. We just heard that there are tornado warnings over by Blythe California which is about 20 miles west of here. With this many RVs and people in the desert right now, there is no shelter that would be close enough or big enough for everyone to get into....

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