Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to Our Morning

The coyotes were a bit restless last night. I heard them doing their group yipping about 3am with their "celebration" call...I imagine at 3am they were celebrating finding at late night snack or breakfast so I always get up and make sure all the Monsters are in the rig. Of course, if they are doing the victory dance it would be too late but I check anyway. http://www.desertusa.com/june96/du_cycot.html Then at 5am Dozey had another seizure. This time he was on the bed and the beginning force of it threw him onto the floor in the hallway by the bathroom. Normally he only pees a little bit during the seizure but today it was no doubt his entire bladder. On the positive side, it didn't seem to last as long as normal and he came out of it somewhat quickly. He is pretty much on a once a month schedule for the seizures which is why medication will not help. The best that is normally hoped for with meds is to get the frequency down to once a week or less and he is already there. So we just ride it out.

Then when I turn the generator off this morning I hear running water. I go into the bathroom and the hot water tap is running full force. Not only does it waste LP, it wastes fresh water which we have to get in 10 gallon jugs two at a time as well as filling up the gray tank. And fill the gray tank it did...Bill went in there a little while later and the cat box was floating in the tub where the gray water had backed up. So we had to dump some of the gray water and take out the soaked rug that goes under the box.

Finally, the refrigerator is just not working on LP at all. We can hear it kick in but it is not cooling anything. We called around yesterday for a mobil RV tech and some of them are out of their mind. We finally found one in Yuma that had an opening and only charges $45 for a service call which is then rolled into your repair if you go that route. We called around to see if we could get a better price and another service in Yuma wanted $90 an hour and the one if Quartzsite wanted $190 for 2 hours minimum and the clock starts ticking when they LEAVE their location...not when they walk in your door. So we are going to head to Yuma tomorrow so that the service down there can check out the fridge on Thursday afternoon.
I called and have made dentist appointments in Algodones Mexico for both of us. Within a four block radius in Algodones there are more pharmacies, doctors, dentists and opticians than a similar four block area anywhere else in the world. The vast majority are US trained but the services are so much cheaper. For example, Bill had an estimate to do some root canals. The estimate in Crandon was over $800 for three while the going rate for root canals in Algodones is $130 each. I have also made an appointment with a fibromyalgia specialist/chiropractor. Adjustments will be $30 each which is much cheaper than the $50 or so they want in Yuma. We have appointments on Friday so on Thursday afternoon we will go to the Quechua Casino right near the border crossing and boondock there overnight and walk across in the morning.
Saturday we will head to Phoenix to stay until Thursday. Nick is on his way down. He called from Iowa after having been stuck there overnight due to a bad snowstorm and the closure of I-35. Bill's birthday is Sunday and they will no doubt go golfing and I can finally go shopping by MYSELF!

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