Friday, January 22, 2010

Survived The Storm

Last night was wild and nasty to say the least. We were pounded by rain and wind until about 4am. It was so loud I could not tell if we had the generator on or not. The RV was swaying like the ship did when we were on the cruise near Honduras. Needless to say Dozey and the monsters were not extremely happy all night.
Here they have school closures because of rain! This was the worst storm to hit Arizona in 17 years and the governor declared a state of emergency.
The wind was so bad it overturned semis near Yuma and I-40 between Kingman and Winslow is closed...of course at that elevation they are getting snow and not rain. They have gotten 3 feet of snow since Monday with 2 to 4 feet more coming by the weekend...crazy, crazy....The water in the wash in front of our rig is totally gone which is tells you just how extra dry this area has been, if you can believe - a drought in the desert!

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