Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heatwave in Chicago

The last two days have been killer as far as heat and humidity go. We had planned on getting an RV Park when the heat got too bad not only for us but also for Dozey and the Monsters as it is not good for Doze to get too hot as that can bring on seizures. Well, there simply are NO campgrounds within 40 miles of Chicago. I searched all over and we even considered getting a hotel room but as we are near Midway they want $89 or more a night and don't allow pets so that kind of defeats the purpose. So we run the big generator with the AC to cool things down a bit and then run the little generator most of the time with a small fan. We take cold water and dumped it on Dozer and just are hoping that the weather will break. Today is somewhat cooler and hopefully it will stay that way. We have 2 more nights until we go to Joliet and the campground at the Empress Casino. By then the weather is supposed to be back in the 70s like normal.

Bill lost his crew again! First he gets a call that one of them got a new job and wouldn't be in on Sunday night. So he calls his boss who says that he can't get temp help on a Sunday. So he worked with only 2 crew and himself Sunday night which for a store the size of Oak Lawn should have had probably 5 or so. Then on Monday another member calls and says he was offered a full time job and has to be back in Michigan by Tuesday so neither he nor his brother will be in. As Bill was sleeping I right away call his boss and the decide he will run with temps to finish the project as there are only 4 stores left. It's great to have 4 temps but when they don't know what they are doing it makes it all the harder on Bill as he has to tell them everything. When he came in at 7am this morning he said that he will give them tonight to show they have some initiative as there was a lot of standing and SITTING around last night. No way would I be letting them SIT while I am running around working for the entire 8 hours! But Bill doesn't like to make waves that way so hopefully tonight they shape up. This project that Bill is on is very physically demanding on him so this job is nothing that he will be able to do for the next 20 years. He goes through 4 or more bottles of water a night and never even has to pee! He has lost weight again and has to use his belt in his pants to keep them up. Or he could just wear them that way and fit in fine down here.

Speaking of Targets, this one is the strangest we have every seen building wise. When we first drove up we couldn't figure out where the store was as it all looked like a parking garage. It is a two story Target with a parking garage underneath. There are escalators to take customers up and down and there is a down escalator that you hook your cart into to take purchase to your vehicle.

We must be on a roll as far as security goes as yesterday we had an Oak Lawn police officer stop by to see what we were doing in the parking lot as they had a complaint of an RV in the lot with garbage all around it! The cop looks around and doesn't see the garbage and just tells me that people have nothing better to do. Bill thinks it's incredible as the whole CITY has garbage all over it and someone is worried about us having a bag of garbage next to the rig? Incredible!

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