Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

For the first time in like, forever, there is good weather for Memorial Day and we can't be in our woods? Bill is missing musky fishing something fierce. We were going to be heading to Webster Lake in Indiana Monday night and staying a few days at a campground that had boat rental. Well that got shot down as 1) the big generator is acting up and sounds like a very, very loud scream when you turn it on and 2) Bill needs to get a physical before July 31 in order to keep his Badgercare and 3) Prime now decided to send us to Ohio instead of finishing up in Chicago (not that we have a problem with NOT being in Chicago!).

We are in Joliet IL right now at the Empress Casino campground which is only for over 21 so no screaming kids running around on ATVs or golf carts like we normally have to put up with on Memorial Day! It is so very strange to just turn on the coffee maker in the morning without first going outside and having to get the generator out. Also strange to be able to use water and not have to worry we might run out or fill the tanks too soon. We have basically been boondocking for 6 months except for the two nights we were in Pickerel. We also are able to turn on the air and leave Dozey in the rig when we leave instead of dragging him along with us all the time. So except for the issue that I will mention later in this post, everything is going well. It is amazing how something so common such as automatic electricity and water which everyone takes for granted can make life so much easier!

We received the letter from Badgercare saying that Bill needed a physical to keep his insurance after we had left Wisconsin in April...thanks so much State of Wisconsin. So last week I began calling around to doctors near the Illinois border. No one wanted to schedule an appointment if he was not going to be a permanent patient. I then tried hospital clinics, walk in clinics, occupational clinics you name it and no one would do a physical. Aurora in Kenosha even said that they were scheduling physicals for next JANUARY right now! Finally one of the places recommended the Community Clinic in Kenosha. So I called them. Yes, they could get him in next week but not at the first need to go TWICE to get a physical. What a bunch of bull....that way they can charge the insurance more. But at this point I really had no other option but to schedule with them.

In order to get everything done and get to Hamilton OH by June 4th we are leaving here Monday night and heading up to the Cummins repair shop in La Grange IL. We will stay there overnight and they will work on the generator right away at 7am on Tuesday. We then have to drive up to Kenosha as Bill has his first appointment at 2pm. We are planning on boondocking in the Walmart parking lot so he can go to his physical the next morning at 11:30am and I can have an eye exam right there at the Walmart at the same time. We then have to head south to Hammond IN so Dozey can have his blood work done to make sure that the phenobarbital is doing what it's supposed to at 4pm. And people wonder why I am such a strong proponent for health insurance? We shouldn't have to jump through hoops and have to get everything done in Wisconsin if we can't be there due to employment! If we could get affordable insurance we could have this done anywhere in the country with no problems. I haven't yet posted on my narcotic/USPS issue but will in a few days which is another ridiculous issue that we have to put up with until 2014.

So unfortunately Bill will not be able to get a few days of fishing in as we have no choice but to get his physical now in case we are not anywhere near Wisconsin before July 31. He is now scheduled through June 18, hopefully with a good crew. He worked with a couple in the last month that normally do the Petsmart job and they are scheduled through December. He spoke with the Project Manager at Prime who said that he will probably be sent to either the Petsmart project or a JC Penney project after that. Of course we just don't know where.

That is the hardest part for me to schedule work when I don't know where we will be. You probably have noticed that there have been more posts in the last couple of weeks. That is because I was not able to do much work in inner city Chicago as neighborhoods that looked "normal" to me were said to be dangerous and I just didn't want to take any chances. The one Target that we were at that everyone said was in the worst area looked exactly like the other areas! But everyone from security guards to Target employees to the temps that Bill had said it was really bad. Now that we will be in the suburbs of Cincinnati and Columbus as well as smaller towns I will be able to get some work done too.

I may have to make a trip back to Wisconsin to get things out of the Oshkosh house as it has been placed in pre-foreclosure. Supposedly Chase feels that they can sell it and get their money out of it so they may not give us a loan modification. It doesn't help that my brother has only paid us $600 this calendar year. He is running a bar in Green Bay and "has not been paid yet". Besides trashing Bill's credit rating there will now be the expense of me having to possibly go back and take care of his mess. Well, he will be losing more than just a place to live as I have told him to leave the keys for the truck and his cell phone as well. I am so tired of being walked over by family....never again.

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