Tuesday, May 11, 2010

South Bend Indiana Area


Bill had a cluster of Targets to do in the greater South Bend area which includes Granger, Goshen and Elkhart. The area was especially hard hit during the recession as there were several large RV manufacturers located here, some of which did not survive the downturn. There is a large Amish population in the area so Dozey had fun grrring at the horses. South Bend, of course, is the home to Notre Dame University and I expected the city to be a bit more upscale than it was, but it was mostly blue collar neighborhoods. We were trying to get a better tour of Notre Dame the day Dozey was having his seizures but it was probably just as well that we couldn't as it was finals weeks and the students were all moving out and there were parents and U Hauls everywhere. I was able to pull in a faculty lot and get a picture of the yellow dome.

South Bend was the home of the former Studebaker company before it closed in 1963. It has also been the home of the College Football Hall of Fame since 1995 but will see that leave in 2010 and move to Atlanta. It is the birthplace of Nascar driver Ryan Newman, football coach Jon Gruden, and film director Sydney Pollack.

At our first Target in Granger we got into the parking lot and right by us found a pair of Canada geese who had for some reason decided to make their nest in one of the parking lot islands. Investigation found out that Canada geese normally return to nest in the area where the female learned to fly. So possibly the Target parking lot was at one time a marsh. It also says that she sits on the nest for 6 weeks to 2 months. I gave the male some bread which he ate but I did not see the female eat anything. Hopefully this pair can hatch their eggs and move the goslings to safer territory without losing too many of them to cars tearing through the parking lot!

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