Sunday, April 4, 2010

Appleton to Gurnee

We spent an enjoyable night Friday with the Siebers side of the family as well as the Andersons. The fish at the Darboy Club was to die for! We had not had a good fish fry in at least 6 months so it was great to finally find one that rivals Wendt's. Of course I had a little too much wine as I could not feel any buzz and woke up with my first hangover in 3 years. I remember now why I don't like to drink so much!

After leaving in the early afternoon we headed down to drop off our taxes at Jeanne's, our accountant. She needs 2002 and 2003 info so we can negotiate with the state over my audit that was only 5 years ago --- the IRS is fine but all of a sudden the state is questioning the returns. I am not exactly ecstatic with Jeanne as she had told me that we did not need to do anything with the state returns at the end of the federal audit.

We made it down to Gurnee Mills and decided to boondock there for the evening. Around 1am all of a sudden we hear knocking at the door. Of course, Dozey went ballistic so I get up and pull up the door shade. We had thought it would be mall security but it was this guy asking for $28 because his tire was flat on the freeway and that is what it cost to fix it.....HUH??? You wake me up in the middle of the night and you want ME to pay for your new tire? I guess just because we have a motorhome - no matter how old - we are rich or something. So of course it made it hard getting back to sleep wondering if he was going to come back with a shotgun or something as he had not been real happy when I told him that we couldn't help him out....I can't believe someone would have the guts to do that and then EXPECT that the person would just give him the money!

The mall was mostly closed Sunday morning except for the Bass Pro Shop which Bill of course had to visit. He came back empty handed! But at least he got to browse for musky lures. We left around 10am and I was pleasantly surprised to see this part of Indiana was much like rural Wisconsin. It took us about 4 hours to reach Fort Wayne and we have set up camp at one of the truck stops. We did cross the time zone so we are now on Eastern time --one hour ahead of Wisconsin. Tomorrow will be a full day with Marathon audits and Bill taking his drug test with him starting out tomorrow night at the Target. We will migrate there tomorrow late afternoon as to not be in their lot more than 2 nights.

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