Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Happiness Project - I am glad that Mole Lake Casino still has their promotions in place as we were able to pick up about $50 by stopping every day that we were home.

We ended up having to stop in Plainfield WI at a truck stop Tuesday night as it had gotten dark and we were still 3 hours from home and were just plain worn out. We hit the road early as we had an 11am appointment to get the oil changed in the RV and I had to have fasting labs done before my 2pm doctor appointment. We hit Pickerel about 10:30am and unhitched the truck. I left Bill at Schroder's getting the oil done and ran up to the Potowatomi clinic with Dozey in the back seat. Boy, was he glad to get out of the RV. The Minnesota roads the day before had gotten him all stressed out with all of the noise. The roads were so rough and bumpy that the light fixture over my desk fell out of the ceiling! I wonder what they spend their highway dollars on in Minnesota?

It will be very, very hard to leave our place here tomorrow morning as we have missed the woods and the quiet. We discussed not leaving but really can't have Bill not taking this job. We also discussed the fact that there are many, many places that we still want to see and live in for a while that we only can do in the summer months such as Maine, Idaho, Montana, Yellowstone etc. So for the time being we are just going to hold on to the house until we see if we find a place that we like better for the spring, summer and fall. Of course, for winter there is no indecision. We DON'T want to be here!

We did have some mouse visitors over the winter and one of the Pex tubes from the wood burner split inside the shop, but other than having to charge the ATV to get it going, everything else lasted through the cold just fine. We do have to figure out why we are still using over $50 in electricity per month. Now that the wood burner is totally off and the shop phone is unplugged the chest freezer should be the only thing running. If we still have a $50 bill we will know that somebody is hooking up to our outdoor outlets or something.

Dozey has spent the last two days over by Clyde and they are both worn out. He has sorely missed being able to run and play like this. At least he will be too tired to be cranky for the next couple of days on the road and then we will have to find dog parks again. Bill has all his tools ready to go, the RV is loaded with more of the food and drink stash that was left and we are pretty much ready to go tomorrow morning. I just wish we were able to stay here for the summer.

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