Friday, April 23, 2010

Real Life Example

Just to give you a glimpse of how crazy this disease, fibromyalgia, can be. First off, I have been hurting more than normal as the nights have been getting down into the 30s and it can be kinda cold in an unheated RV. Tuesday was a half way warm day but towards the late afternoon I started feeling a pain in my right upper arm and shoulder. It got progressively worse as the afternoon and evening went on...a pain like when you separate your shoulder or something where it causes strong, shooting pressure. I had Bill push on it as pressure does help the pain at times and put on an Icy Hot patch. By 10pm when Bill went to work I was to the point of almost going to the ER for something... a shot of Toradol or who knows what as I had already used up two days worth of Vicodin and it was not getting better. Now for me to subject myself to triage in an unknown hospital where I would no doubt wait for hours to be seen and then have to try and explain my problem and convince them I don't need more x rays says that yep, it is pretty bad right now. I couldn't sleep on either side as it hurt so much...finally I ended up sleeping and in the morning -- ta da! Everything was perfectly fine! No pain in the shoulder, nothing. That is what has me, for one, convinced it is not necessarily in the muscles nor tendons nor ligaments as that kind of pain would not "heal" itself in 10 hours. It is in the pain perceptors, nerves or what have you. Sometimes you feel like you are crazy for sure.

Speaking of medical issues, Dozey had another seizure on Tuesday. This one was during the day which is very abnormal. The last one was when Bill first started this job and he was on the bed with me and stood up, eyes glazed and unfocused, and then fell down in a seizure, peeing the entire bed of course. I had to try and find sheets and blankets that are store underneath the bed which is heavy to lift up at 1am. This one was on the living room floor...he had been pacing around acting strange and all of a sudden went into it. At least he didn't pee the bed but the floor this time. He has been having a hard time calming down after the last two episodes...pacing around, trying to hide under chairs and in the bathroom. I know that there are dogs that are used with people who have seizures as they can sense them coming on and assist the person. Obviously Dozey can tell he is going to have one and we think he won't calm down as he is trying to "escape" from it in the rig. It is very hard to watch him but until he has them more frequently meds will not help as the meds only get the seizures down to once a week and he has them less frequently than that. We just have to be very careful that he comes out of the seizure as if he doesn't we have to get him to an emergency vet for a shot of valium. Maybe they can give me one too........

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