Saturday, April 10, 2010

Toleeedo or Tolaydo,_Ohio

I had always wondered but was not certain if the city in Ohio was named for the city in Spain -- now I know that it is. So the problem for me becomes pronouncing it in the gringo manner and not Spanish. Vowels in Spanish are very easy -- they are always, always pronounced the same - no long, no short, no who knows why pronunciation. Always the same. So that is why in Fort Wayne I had asked someone about a location on Lima Street which I of course pronounced Leeema, but they pronounced Liema like the bean. They thought it was hilarious. Of course, in Spanish the conjugation of the verbs is much more difficult in English so I guess there is always a trade off.

We found the area to be much like Wisconsin which again is good that we are forced to be here so to speak as we would never choose these areas on our own when there are way to many "different" locations like oceans and mountains for us to experience. At least we can say we have spent time in this area and not just driven through it. We would have stayed Saturday and done something but it had been cold the past two nights and extremely windy. Everything that we found to do in the area consisted of being outside which was not a first choice with the temperatures at night in the 30s and the wind off Lake Erie. We had thought about driving to Cleveland to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but it would have been over 100 miles each way and we were sure we would want to spend some time there so it will have to wait until later.

Interesting Toledo facts include that it is the home of the Owens Corning Corporation and is the headquarters of Jeep , it is known as the Glass City because of it's long history of innovation with glass products, it is the hometown of Gloria Steinem and Katie Holmes as well as Jamie Farr and his famous M*A*S*H character Maxwell Klinger.

This is the view going over the Maumee River in Toledo on Hwy 280.

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