Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dave Roller

I had forgotten to post about stopping at a Lowe's in Suwanee Georgia one day while we were in Atlanta and there was a guy in a truck parked in front of us. He flagged down Junior and asked if we were from Wisconsin. By then Bill and I had come out of the store and went over to the truck. Come to find out it was Dave Roller, #74 from the Packers during the late 1970s. He "invented" the "Sack Dance" way before sacks were even counted as stats and before the Lambeau Leap was even a possibility.

He talked with us for a bit after giving us his picture and a write up from the February/April 2003 Packer Report. I asked him about his health as so many of the older players didn't have the contracts they do today nor the medical  care as technology was not what it is now. He said that he was basically ok except for knee issues.

Dave seemed like one of the kind of guys you would love to meet down at the bar to have a few and listen to his stories. I sure wish we would have been able to do that instead of just a parking lot chat but he did tell us where the Cheeseheads hang out for games during the season in case we are there then. He even said he stops in every so often.


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