Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home Again

We have noticed that when we have been to an area when something happens there it is more real for us than previously. For example when the tornado demolished the Lowe's in Sanford, North Carolina. We had just boondocked in the Walmart right next door to that very same Lowe's. We had been in parts of Alabama and we were in St Louis when the tornado hit Joplin. I had worked Joplin in the fall of 2009 while Bill was working in Coffeyville Kansas at Amazon. It seems like the cycle was broken as in the last few weeks there have not been any violent storms following us.

The week before Memorial Day actually found us in the Chicago area. Bill did not have to be in Atlanta until June 5 so he enthusiastically and I reluctantly decided to go home for a week. I really didn't want to spend a week at home during the summer as for me it would be just that much harder to leave with my unattended gardens calling out my name.

On our way through Chicago on Thursday May 26 we came upon this sight. Now we obviously knew that smog existed in large cities but had never seen it so up close and personal. You are looking at downtown Chicago believe it or not -- you just can't see the skyscrapers very well or wave at Oprah.

Once home we again were able to fit in a fish fry, this time at Jekyll & Hyde's in Pickerel. For those of you who are familiar with the area it is the old Cowboy's. And boy do they have excellent perch! We thought they are a close second to Wendt's. We have searched constantly since moving up north to find a location that had that good of perch as Bill won't eat any other kind of fish. Hopefully they continue doing what they are doing so that we can visit every time we manage to get home.!/pages/Jekyll-Hydes/147095848681633?sk=wall

Speaking of returning home, we had hoped to be somewhere near Wisconsin during the middle of July as we had found a flyer for the Cadott Rock Fest and were wanting to go. Rob Zombie on Thursday night, Kid Rock on Friday night and Sunday! Jackyl, Tesla, Heart and Def Leppard.....but seeing as it looks like Bill is being sent to Mississippi for 12 weeks, it looks like we won't get back until October when I have to meet with my doctor.

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