Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Orange County Choppers

Bill had a choice to have two weeks off or to head on up to New York State for a Sam's Club remodel in Fishkill. We decided to head to New York not just for the extra money but also in hopes that it would be cooler than it had been in the Atlanta area.

{Disclaimer : As I am not much of a TV person, when we DID have satellite TV back PR (Pre-Recession) Bill watched American Chopper quite a bit so most of my knowledge of OCC comes from the sound imprinting itself by osmosis into my brain. The same goes for South Park, Family Guy and other irritating, animated type shows. Although I must say South Park definitely hit upon some hilarious cultural idiosyncrasies and just plain stupidity.}

Upon arriving in New York we first stopped in Newburgh to see the Orange County Choppers building. We stopped on a Sunday but I'm told that you can view the shop area from a window if you are there during the week.

Most of the bikes are located along the side walls of the store including the FDNY bike which is my favorite besides the Christopher Reeve Foundation Bike. There are t shirts and memorabilia from various fire departments mostly from the East Coast all around the bike as it if were a shrine, which I guess in some ways it is.

Of course the show has gone downhill in my opinion after Paul Jr left and Sr had no one to scream at....I think Jr was definitely the brains behind the majority of the cool bikes and all Paul Sr does is be an ass. Hopefully the bike world sees it as such. I can only say that it is sad that fame and fortune, which everyone dreams of having, was ultimately a huge factor in the family break up. It happens so often nowadays. Unfortunately who knows if the rift is real or if it is a publicity stunt for their new Sr vs Jr show? You really don't know these days kind of like the Kardashian Dramas and the Gene Simmons blow up. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and works hard to make it a half hour.

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