Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot Times in Georgia

We arrived back to Atlanta just in time for a hotter than normal June as well as frequent, unpredictable thunder storms. We had found a campground called Atlanta West which was in Austell about 4 miles from the Family Dollar that Bill and Junior were completing. The place was an absolute dump. I would say it was one of the top two in worst campgrounds that we have ever stayed in. Standing water in the women's bath/shower room, only one working shower with a 3/4 torn off shower curtain, no hot water in the sink, downed trees not cleaned up, trash all over, non working swimming pool fenced off with a broken fence....you get the picture. The campground was full of people like the picture of our neighbor here....down on their luck and staying somewhere cheap until better fortune would arrive. I do like his ingenuity with the air conditioner and the floor lamp. He also had TV as we could see it through the tent walls at night.

Still, the area did not look so bad until I was reading up on an accident we had seen the previous day. I then found out that Cobb County, although mostly rural, had had 3 homocides that week.........yes, that WEEK! Needless to say we decided to head up towards Gainesville as they were going to work on the owner's house again the following week. We checked into Old Federal Campground in Flowery Branch as we had been there for a weekend the last time we were in Atlanta. It was not busy then but it sure is now! With Bill never knowing until the last minute where he is being sent we can't make reservations at busy campgrounds so it is fortunate that I have the Access Pass that gets me the handicapped sites that are not reservable online. It also gets us half price camping so instead of $32 a night for a site on the water we only have to pay $16. That definitely helps quite a bit.


And you can see that Dozey sure likes camping!

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