Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Camground Living

Due to the high humidity and heat we have had to get campsites the last few nights. It cuts down on our bottom line and debt payoff schedule but we tried to see if we could stand it in the rig on Sunday night in Reynoldsburg and decided no way. We got to the Target parking lot and shopped next door at the Meijer. When we got back in the RV it felt like a sauna so we had to head about 15 miles north to Westerville to Tree Haven Campground, which is the closest to the first two stores this week in Reynoldsburg and Whitehall. Even just being in the trees without the A/C on is a world of difference. On Tuesday we moved to the southeast side of Columbus and stayed at the Alton RV Park which is just a field next to the owner's house with RV trees so the A/C really, really had to work to keep things cool.

On the way to Columbus we were heading east on Highway 16 near Newark OH when I saw something really strange looking ahead on the left. We couldn't pull over as we had a semi on our tail but as we got closer and closer I realized what it was!

It is the corporate headquarters for the Longaberger basket company and it is a building size replica of their medium market basket. Really neat!

Today we left the Columbus area and headed to Cincinnati. The temperature was 96 degrees and humid. Again we are in a campground, this time it is a campground in a county park -- Hamilton County which is the north side of Cincinnati.

Bill finally got an answer from the company as to where they are sending him next. Yesterday Mack, the project manager, told him that he needed him to take some time off as there was nothing going on nearby. He said he could send him to upstate New York and the Kohl's project for next week but we would just have to turn around and come back to Ohio as Bill has to be in Poland OH on July 6 for another Petsmart training store. The difference is that this time we will actually be in the same area for THREE whole weeks! And then after the training store each of the Petsmarts will supposedly be two week projects. I can't imagine not moving every day or every other day. It will be much easier for me to find work that way which is good because with these temperatures we will definitely need to be at a campsite and have hook ups. Of course, yesterday and today he gets calls from Roger wanting him to go to call back stores in Cleveland and Massillon, in the Canton area. Wait a minute....that's like 250 miles away from here and only 2 nights of work? So Bill is going to tell them that he will gladly work next week but it needs to be a full week and full weekly per diem to make it worth our while to head back up there. One hand does not know what the other is doing at the company sometimes.

So we have decided to stay in Cincinnati and go to the zoo which we missed the first time around. Then we are heading to northeast Kentucky to Cave Run Lake so Bill can do some musky fishing. One more state to put on the map!

With the noise at times in the campgrounds and parking lots it makes it difficult for Bill to sleep in. So most days he ends up taking naps on the couch. As you can see, Pumpkin loves to join him!

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