Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Horse Capital of the World


We left Cincinnati on Saturday afternoon after stopping at the Meijer to get my metformin medication. For some reason the Meijer and Giant Eagle grocery stores down here are able to offer some diabetes and antibiotic medications for free to consumers. Hmmmm....and stores in Wisconsin can't do the same why? Anyway, we headed down to Lexington Kentucky and the Kentucky Horse Park which was about 90 miles away.

Lexington is called the Horse Capital of the World and Thoroughbred Cityas well as the Athens of the West. The Horse Park is home to such Thoroughbred legends as Cigar, who won nearly $10 million in his career and is the grandfather of Seattle Slew, and Funny Cide who was the first gelding to win the Kentucky Derby since 1929. The park also has 23 other breeds of horses which go on parade twice a day so visitors can see the differences in the various horses. We were going into the park but found out it costs $16 per person plus another $7 per person for a 35 minute horse ride. So for now we have decided to pass as although I personally love horses, horse racing and pedigrees just isn't our thing.

We spent Sunday just sitting around as it was much too hot to do much else and the pool was full of kids. When you get a park this big you get all sorts of people I guess. I went a did a load of laundry this morning and as I was walking to the building a golf cart with 3 girls goes flying by me. The driver could not have been more than 10...if she was 12 I am getting way too old. So when I stopped by the store to buy the Sunday paper I ask the attendant how old you should be to drive a golf cart in the park. He says 16. I say no way is she 16. He says he didn't think so either. Well, do something about it! All it takes is one miscalculation and she can't stop the thing and it flies into someone's campsite hurting the kids and the people in her way. Then I'm sitting outside doing my Sunday coupons and two guys come walking through our campsite -- I mean walking BETWEEN our firepit and the picnic table where I'm sitting not more than 6 feet away from them and they say nothing! Not "Hi, how ya doing?" NOTHING...they keep walking and talking like I'm invisible so I say "HELLO!!!" really loud. They look at me like I'm the bitch from hell. Is it so hard to be polite and at least acknowledge that you are basically trespassing on someone else's site? And they were adults! No wonder some kids act the way they do!

On Monday we drove around Lexington a bit. It seems like a very nice larger city and is, of course, homw to the University of Kentucky and boy are the fans evident everywhere! We did an apartment shop of one of the communities near campus and let me tell you I don't know where places like this were when I was in school! Everything, and I mean everything, is included for $640 a month. Amenities like work out area, free WiFi in public areas, high speed internet in the apartments, fully furnished with leather sofas, washer and dryer.



Besides being the home of UK, it is also the home of Lexmark corporate and has a Jif peanut butter plant that produces more peanut butter than any other location in the world. It is the hometown of actor George Clooney, Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis, country singer Vince Gill, talented family members Ashley, Wynonna and Naomi Judd, and President Abraham Lincoln and First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.

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