Saturday, June 12, 2010

Portage Lakes State Park Akron OH

We decided to get a campsite again as the humidity is quite high today and it is in the 80s. We decided to try out Portage Lakes State Park as it is centrally located to the next three stores that Bill has to work and in case we decide to stay due to the weather. This location only has 6 electric sites so seeing as tonight is a Saturday they are naturally full. If we decide to stay we will move to one of the electric sites on Sunday night. We would really like to stay the entire time but the non-electric sites are $20 a night and the electric ones are no doubt more. It doesn't sound like much until you realize that means 10 nights are $200 and a month is $600....rather steep when you are still paying a mortgage!

The campsite we picked is a little walk through the woods to the lake. The trail is quite muddy from all the rain we have been getting here but that doesn't seem to stop you can see here he is quite happy to chase a stick in the muddy water. We are trying to exercise him as much as possible so he can lose the weight he has gained on the is much easier to do here than in the blacktop campsites at Target!

Tomorrow we are going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton as men get in free for Father's Day. Normally admission is $20 per person. Bill wasn't sure if he wanted to go but it is one of those things that he wants to at least say he visited seeing as we are in Canton.

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