Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update on the Crew Curse

Well, I was right in the fact that Roger did not tell Mack he had asked us to bail Alex out because according to Bill last night Roger was spitting mad at me for going over his head to Mack. I guess I really don't care as why should we be out of that money? These crew issues have not been Bill's fault but it is making his job really, really difficult. For example, he just worked with 4 temps at the North Canton store. He talked to them about doing Akron and Wadsworth. Normally to go out of the city they would get a surcharge but he told them they would have 4 more days of work if they would go to the other two stores -- which are no more than 20 miles away. That way he doesn't have to train 4 more people from the ground up. Well, this morning at 6am Labor Ready calls and the temps want gas money to go tonight. So now Bill will have to train 4 more people AGAIN. This is getting ridiculous!

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