Saturday, June 19, 2010

Canton & Akron OH

Our time in the Akron/Canton area has been rather enjoyable. The metropolitan area is not so big that it is overwhelming but is big enough to have quite a variety of stores, restaurants and activities. Today we went to a driving range that I was able to get a Buy 1 Get 1 Free large bucket of balls from the Tropicana Juicy Rewards. If you are not a member of the rewards program and you drink alot of juice I would look into it. You basically just enter your codes on the website and then either save them or redeem as you want. I have gotten free juice for 1 point as well as the driving range coupon so far. A large bucket of balls was $10 at The Golf Improvement Center so just by taking a little time to enter my codes we saved $10. I finally made some improvement with my driver so I can move on to the other clubs and maybe, just maybe, actually play some holes SOMETIME this summer!,_Ohio

In the early 1900s Akron was the fastest growing city in the country due to the prescence of Quaker Oats and of course, Goodyear Tire & Rubber. For a while zepplins, or airships, were manufactured in Akron, as well as the first items to contain the previously trademarked convenience called a "zipper". The Underground Railroad was very active in the Akron area and was the home of abolitionist John Brown. Today Akron is the home to the All American Soapbox Derby as well as singer Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, members of the band Devo, late Challenger astronaut Judith Resnick, actor Clark Gable, broadcaster Hugh Downs, Hee Haw regular Grandpa Jones, and of course the most famous Akron native in recent times, basketball player LeBron James.,_Ohio

Obviously Canton is famous for being the home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame but in the February 2010 edition of Forbes magazine it was listed as the 9th most miserable city in the United States. Frankly we did not see this as we have been in far worse! (Hint -- Chicago!) Canton natives include R&B singer Macy Gray, singer Marilyn Manson, US President William McKinley, musican Boz Scaggs, and former Tonight Show host Jack Paar.

Our visit to the Hall of Fame was nice. The building at first appeared very small but inside it is quite large with two stories of exhibits.

Bill enjoyed looking at all the exhibits while I focused more on the ones pertaining to Packers, except for the Brian Piccolo exhibit which I still find distressing to this day. I remember reading the book when I was in grade school and thinking it was unfair back then. Now that I realize he died when he was only 26, I find it even more frustrating.

There was some old time Packer memorabilia as they were the third team to join the NFL. Of course the Packer Hall of Fame in Green Bay has more and better items. What I DID NOT like seeing was the special case for Brett Favre's #4 Vikings jersey!

If you cannot read the inscription on the bust above, it is of The Minister of Defense, Reggie White. Like I said it was nice to see and an NFL history junkie would be in heaven. I'm just glad that Bill got in free for Father's Day so it only cost $20 and not $40!

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