Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cave Run Lake

As I mentioned before we are staying at Twin Knobs Campground which is near Cave Run Lake in North Central Kentucky. Construction of the structure which dams up the Licking River began in 1965 and ended in 1973. The lake it made stretches 48 miles long and covers 8270 acres. Although the dam was primarily constructed to avert flood damage but if you read my last post on the area you will remember that somehow it just didn't work as planned in 2010. The dam is jointly run by the Army Corps of Engineers and the US Forest Service.

There is a nice walking trail a bit downhill from the campground loop we are in and at night we have been taking Dozer there to walk and swim a bit although it drops off real quick about 2 feet from shore in all the areas we have been at.

The campground itself is rather large and has been full since Thursday. We are near to a bath house so we have been going over there to take showers as to not fill up our gray water tank and have to pull the slide and everything in to go dump. There are tons of kids and dogs here and it can be a bit noisy during the day but at 10pm it gets really quiet really fast which is nice. We will be leaving here either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning and heading back up to Ohio to a campground southeast of Youngstown as it will be in the 90s for the better part of next week so that pretty much precludes any boondocking and saving money on camping fees anytime soon which is nice on one hand as the views are usually much better in a park than in a Target, or now it will be Petsmart, parking lot!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you're getting to enjoy the scenery.