Saturday, July 10, 2010

Schedule - What Schedule?

I hope you enjoyed National Chocolate Day on July of the better holidays in life in my opinion! We were grocery shopping yesterday and Bill was buying Twizzlers and calling it candy. No comparison to a large hunk of cacao in my opinion. In fact, I remember Halloween many, many years ago and going trick or treating. My brothers knew that chocolate was the only candy I would eat and during the trading afterward it was never one to one Tootsie Roll or sucker for a piece of chocolate. Nope, I had to pay like FIVE other candy for one piece of chocolate. Which probably explains some of why those two are the way they are today.

The trip back to Ohio on Monday was a bit longer than we had anticipated for some reason. We did not get into the Youngstown area until about 5pm. We are now at the Mill Creek Campground on Berlin Lake west of the Youngstown area. Bill went in during the day today to help unload the truck and has to be back on Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Olive Garden nearby as one of the big bosses wants to meet with everyone. Hopefully he will get his schedule for the next few months at that time and hopefully we are going somewhere else than Ohio. Not that Ohio has been bad, we are just ready for other places. But with Prime who knows if they know this. As of 8am this morning he still did not know what time he was supposed to have been into the store as no one called him. He finally got ahold of someone in Georgia who said, "No one called you?" He was supposed to have been there at 8am but didn't make it in until around 10am with all the confusion. Good thing he's on salary.

So Bill went to the Olive Garden at 6:30pm on Tuesday night. Everyone at this location right now was there including the majority owner of the company and Mack, the project manager that Bill had been dealing with on the Target project. The owner explained that the group there had been "hand picked" to do the Petsmarts and that they were the absolute, number one priority for the company. Which is good news in one way as obviously they are happy with Bill's work but on the other hand it seems like the project might be from 9pm to 8am 6 days a week! Well, bad thing he's on salary here! I am not the greatest with math but that comes up to 66 hours a week in my calculations for no extra pay. The owner said that no doubt the crews would have November, December and January off. Well, that STILL comes out to 2376 hours a year when "normal" time is about 2000 if you work 40 hours per week 50 weeks a year. Then he asks Bill if I am still interested in signing on. We have seen the pay scale a bit across the board. Independent contractors were getting $175 a day but employees were getting $9 per hour. And they have stated that they won't pay me a per diem as Bill is already getting one. Well, I can make more than $99 a day doing my merchandising and not have to work all night and punch a clock. So we have pretty much decided that I won't go to work for them unless the hourly pay is more or I get the $100 per day per diem also. Bill asked one of the team members who has been doing Petsmarts if they didn't have a life while doing them and the guy said "pretty much". Bill will hang in there until we get caught up financially if this is how they are going to run the projects but neither of us can see him doing this indefinitely. Most of the other team members are younger and can take doing this on a forever basis. Once we are caught up he has other choices that would work and he would still have a life. And to top if off we still don't know where they are sending him after these next two weeks! Arrghhhh.....

I have been spending a lot of "office" time at the table outside now that we are in a campground. Somehow it makes the work seem a little less like work. Here is a picture of "home" for these few weeks. The canopy is the new one we had to get after the wind storm in Kansas.

Also Bill absolutely HATES roundabouts! And they seem to be everywhere out here. While driving around the Kent area last week we came upon a sign which explains why the roundabouts can be so confusing especially when you are using a GPS! Trying figuring out where to turn when the GPS thinks it is a regular corner. We have had to back pedal various times especially in the rig.

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