Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Bad Luck on the Way to Knoxville

The company had finally decided to send Bill to Knoxville Tennessee where he has to start work on Monday night. We were going to leave on Wednesday but decided to stay so Bill could change the front brakes on the Avalanche. We headed out this morning and ran into road construction about every 30 miles it seems. I'm glad the roads are getting fixed and it is putting people to work but do they have to do them all at once?

We had made it as far as Goldtown West Virginia when all of a sudden we heard a big BANG from the rear end of the coach. I thought we had hit something but we had actually blown the driver's side rear outside tire.....ripped it to shreds. Bill did a good job of getting us to the side of the road and now here we sit. We do have Coach-Net Roadside Assistance for times such as these and made a call to have someone come out with a new tire. It will cost $140 for the tire but Bill says its well worth it as the tire needs to be changed, put on the rim and it is the tire in the traffic lane to boot. So hopefully tonight we will make a campground in Radford Virginia called Sportsmans Campground. We decided to join Passport America which is basically a camping discount group where you get 50% off of sites. Of course holiday weekends or any other regional festival time are excluded but for us being on the road all the time it will add up to some big savings. Our dues were only $44 per year so 3 nights will about pay for the dues.

So here we sit on I-77 southbound with the generator running as it is so hot and humid that the animals are not happy.....the tire company should be here within the hour and if all goes smoothly we will be out of here by 6:30pm or so.

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