Friday, July 2, 2010


Again sometimes in life you find out about things going on with other people and you realize that maybe, just maybe, your life is not that bad. We sometimes get so caught up in our daily problems and issues that we forget that there are many other people out there who are fighting much larger battles.

The first one is a musky guide here in the Cave Run Lake area named Crash Mullins. Bill had known about him before we came here and he is pretty famous in the fishing world. We stopped at his store on Hwy 801 here yesterday and I saw a sign asking for donations for his multiple myeloma treatment. I did some digging online as his website, , seems to be down at the moment.

For more, visit
The famous, longtime muskie angler and guide David "Crash" Mullins is battling the multiple myeloma – a form of bone cancer – and has begun preparations for a stem-cell transplant. Pro Tom Dietz has began a drive to raise money to help with the estimated $450,000 for treatment. Dietz said donations can be made directly to the David Crash Mullins Multiple Myeloma Foundation.

Then we stopped at another bait shop and starting talking with the owners. Although we were not aware of it, the flooding that occurred in early May down near Nashville also happened this far north. Many people and businesses in this area lost everything. The local RV dealer is having a flood sale and told us that water went 2 feet up in his building. Cave Run Lake rose 18 feet in 24 hours and just took out everything in it's path. Of course, many people here did not have flood insurance so have no hope of rebuilding.

And finally, this is a very sad story about an 80 year old couple that was driving on I-80 in Nebraska and had a tire blow out. The rig was engulfed in flames and no one could get to them in time. Tire blow outs are bad enough in cars but as seen here, in a large rig towing another vehicle, it can be more deadly. Granted I am not sure that someone 80 years old should be driving a vehicle of that size due to reaction times and physical limitations, but this has got us searching for a steering stabilizer system and a toad braking system for immediate installation. We should have definitely gotten the braking system previously as many states have laws making them mandatory. But if any good comes out of this accident it will be that more people install easy safety features to ensure that this does not happen to them.

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