Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lack of Organization - A Bit of a Rant

There hasn't been much to post lately as we are more or less hostages of Bill's job right now. Now I don't want to sound overly unhappy as he has a job -- it is just that there should be more to life than work, sleep and then work again -- especially when there is no set time frame as to how long this will continue nor a set schedule of where! He has been going into work at 8:30pm and getting home around 9:30am the entire week. Now this would be fine if we knew that he would do this for 2 weeks and then have a week off in between but no one can seem to tell him if this is "normal" or not. If it is, 66 hours a week for no extra pay is a bit much in my opinion. And to add insult to injury they can't seem to get a schedule together for the life of them. We have had to put off getting mail sent as we had no clue as to where they were sending him next. Not to mention that my work then gets put on hold as I can't take jobs that I won't be here to complete. In this past week alone first we were going to Kansas City Missouri then Knoxville Tennessee and now it is supposedly Fort Wayne Indiana again on Wednesday and Thursday and then Southfield Michigan on Sunday and Monday. I can't understand how it can be so hard to assign a crew to a schedule and then let them know that schedule ahead of time, especially when someone has to travel 500 miles to get to their next job. Besides I worry as I know he won't be physically able to keep up with such a work load on a permanent basis. Definitely my working with this company is out as there would not be enough Vicodin in the world to make me somewhat pain free if I would work so many hours. I simply would not be able to do it. What corks me the most is that he is putting in all this time for no extra pay than what he was making previously working about 25 hours less per week. We are now seeing the negative aspects of being salary just as I did when I was teaching. Also, he was just reading his employee handbook (which he just received 3 months later) and it says after 90 days probation he is eligible for health, dental and 401k benefits. Well, his 90 days was up on July 5 and no one has said a word to him as of yet so the HR person is getting a phone call tomorrow. We were even AWARE that he was supposed to get insurance!

Like I stated, I am trying not to be frustrated as life was more difficult in some ways when he did not have a job but sometimes you have to know when you are being taken advantage of. Nowdays employers know that they have you by the the they drain every little last drop of profitability out of you and then toss you away as they please. I am sad to sound so negative but there have been thousands of people that this has happened to and it doesn't seem to be getting any better with the economy, or at least the unemployment levels, staying in recession mode. So that has been this week in a nutshell....I am looking for better news to report.

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