Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th

We decided to leave the Morehead area this morning as last night was another rough sleeping night due to the heat. We found a Kentucky State Park that was northeast of us and on our route back to Ohio on Monday so I called and they had some electric sites open up so here we are at the Greenbo Lake State Resort Park northwest of Ashland Kentucky. It's a good thing that we are here mainly for the A/C because the park is wall to wall people and the spots are only about 20 feet apart. Not my normal idea of a good time but we look at things with different eyes as we will be leaving here tomorrow only to head to another camping spot -- not like some of these poor people who only get to camp during the busy summer holidays.

We were sitting inside enjoying the A/C when Bill told me to look outside. There was a deer across at the camper in front of us. We thought it had just wandered in from the woods but come to find out he was injured as a baby and a campground worker took him in to heal. He has hung around the campground ever since. According to the people across the way there is not always a hunting season in this area and when there is it is run like a lottery so hopefully he would escape that fate. Someone else said that he will be taken to a petting zoo soon which is great as he seems to like the kids and barking dogs don't seem to faze him!

It is strange here in Kentucky how many people still smoke. According to the CDC last year it was the number one state for smoking with 28% of the population unable or unwanting to kick the habit. Yep, you can't drink a beer in plain sight but you've got everybody and their brother lighting up all over the place! You have got to love rules.

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