Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Change In Plans....Can You Believe It?

Ok....now I KNOW that not everyone is a planner like me...and I'm ok with that....but it would be nice for once, just once, to have a general idea of where we need to be within the next week and then to have that stay the same! As of 8:30 pm last night when Bill left for work we were under the impression that we would be heading to Birmingham Alabama by way of Tunica Mississippi to check out the casinos. Thank heavens that I did not make any reservations nor pick up any jobs for the part of this life that is mine because as of 10:00 am today we are now heading to Utah for what looks to be about 6 weeks.

Now as I've said before I am very happy that Bill has a job now....it is much less stress on me! But frankly what is not good is that I feel like I can't plan anything ahead which is very important to me.  Maybe it came from being a teacher and knowing that "no game plan - dead in the water". I normally have a few weeks ahead plan, a few months ahead plan and a few years ahead plan going at any given time. The few months ahead and the few years ahead plans are ok -- basically get all the bills paid off so we can travel and work at our own pace and not 70 hours a week. It is the few weeks ahead plan that is getting shot to hell with great consistency. In order for me to maximize my time and get the most jobs I would really like to know our schedule two weeks out.  That is essential for me to get the maximum amount of jobs and plan the most efficient route. So right now I am feeling frustrated about my work. I know that I can take it easier right now with Bill making what he does but that is really, really hard for me to do as I never relied on anyone in the past and it is a difficult mindset to get into. Hopefully once this project gets easier and the company actually hires people who stay it will be easier for me too.

Employees at Bill's company keep dropping left and right. Last Sunday the store here in Wichita had six no shows....they just disappeared off the face of the earth. I am not sure what the answer is -- obviously it is very difficult on many people to travel constantly without going home, live in hotels and eat out all the time. But you would think with this economy that they would be happy to have at least this! I know we are although it is not the optimal situation.

Bill went to went last night at 9:00 pm and didn't get home until 10:00 am so we couldn't get an early start today. We are paying the extra $7 to the campground to stay until 4:00 pm -- how chintzy huh? We are then heading north to I-80 through Nebraska and Wyoming and finally Orem rather than take I-70 through Denver and the steeper mountain passes. Plus I know if I go through Colorado I won't want to leave! It is about a 1000 miles so we are hoping to get to the Salt Lake area by Saturday. Our first home base will be the Utah Lake State Park and then we will play it by ear. Hopefully it cools off some and we can boondock in the National Forest and save some cash.


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