Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why You Probably WON'T Find Your Lost Animal

Here is a really, really important article for those of us with fur kids and what to do if one becomes lost. Marilyn is a hero in my book. She started an online group (of which I am now a member) called Stealth Volunteers during Hurricane Katrina to help reunite pets with their owners. In the time since, she has worked tirelessly to set up evacuation plans that include pets and has been successful in getting formal evacuation plans in place that include pets. If you saw former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin on the Today show or other interviews you saw where he was asked what were his regrets. He stated that a regret was that people would not evacuate without their pets. Hopefully, with or without government assistance, we now have better programs in place.



  1. We lived in Tampa, Florida during hurricane Katrina. After that they changed the policies at shelters to allow pets. It allowed many more people to bring their pets, and there were no problems. Problem solved! We would never leave our pets.

  2. Karen

    I am SO happy to hear that Tampa has that policy! As much as you guys get bashed with hurricanes that is great news....do you know about other Florida cities? Do they allow pets too?