Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leaving Tennessee

Bill finally found out where the next stop is....he needs to be in Topeka Kansas by Monday August 9. Of course we did not find this out until yesterday as per usual. The funny thing is that the company wants him to be at a dinner in Kansas City Missouri on Saturday night. One of the owners will be there for Saturday dinner, then they are putting people up in a hotel for Saturday night and then having breakfast on Sunday. Well, unless we find a stray Lear jet just sitting around there is absolutely no way we can make it there by then. He is supposedly working a full day tomorrow at the Walmart so we won't even hit the road until Saturday morning. It is 750 miles from Knoxville to Kansas City. It is impossible to do driving a 36 ft rig towing the truck, dealing with the numerous construction zones and getting to a campground while still daylight to drop off the rig. We also cannot really stay at a hotel as the rig would be in the parking lot and would not be plugged in which is not good for the monsters in this heat as it looks like Kansas is having weather in the 90s and the campground manager I spoke with says they also have not gotten any rain in quite some time. It is unfortunate as Bill would really like to be there as he soon will be running the whole reset/remodel by himself.

I put a new feature on the blog which is the map in the middle of the right side of the page. As you can see it is a map of our travels from the time we left Wisconsin last October up to our latest trip to Topeka this weekend. I had been looking for a widget like this one for quite some time and found it on another RVer's blog. It sure helps to put into perspective just how many miles we have gone since last October 15.

I am sitting here and it is 7:50pm....Bill, of course, is not yet home from work and he went in at 7am. I have never heard crickets or cicadas or what have you be as loud as they are here in Tennessee. They are in the trees near the campground and at dusk you almost have to yell to talk to someone next to you, they are that loud. Also, there have been butterflies everywhere. Not just one here or there but multitudes and of many different types. I took Dozey for a walk near the creek by the campground yesterday and stepped into what I thought was a shallow puddle. It wasn't. Shallow that is..the mud was so deep I sank up to my ankles and ended up losing one of my flip flops as I couldn't find it in the muck! Hopefully the weather in Topeka will be somewhat cooler as it is farther north and we can get Dozey back to chasing tennis balls so he can lose some of the weight he put on with the medication.

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  1. I hope you enjoyed your stay in TN. Where did you stay? We are going back in Oct.