Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where Is It?

Time for a quiz! Where were these two pictures taken?

a.  Nebraska
b.  Kansas
c. Colorado
d. South Dakota

If you picked C you're a winner! The Eastern part of Colorado is pretty much high plains mountains until you hit Denver.

Quiz #2. In what state are we traveling in this picture?

a. Wisconsin
b. Minnesota
c. Nebraska
d. North Dakota

Always, always when in doubt pick C! That is how I made it through college. Seriously, this is the sign for Oshkosh, Nebraska and boy did it look weird to us. There are also townships in Minnesota and North Dakota named Oshkosh.

We left Wichita about 4:00 pm on Tuesday and were able to make it as far as Hays Kansas where we boondocked in the Home Depot parking lot. We then hit the road around 10:00 am on Wednesday and with a few stops along the way we pulled into Cheyenne Wyoming around sundown. Instead of trying to find the campground in the dark we boondocked again at the Flying J. Personally I would rather boondock at a truck stop than at a Walmart as after I get used to the running truck engines again they work kind of like white noise for me and I sleep pretty good. Bill doesn't like it so much though. We awoke on Thursday morning to something making noise in the passenger side rear of the rig. We couldn't figure out what it was until we looked and realized that they were watering the dirty lawn (which had a creek next to it) and it was hitting the RV.  We headed over to the Denny's in the Flying J and had breakfast.....well at least I did. Bill ordered an omelet and clearly specified 'no green or red peppers'. So he gets the first omelet and sure enough, it had peppers in it. The server takes it back and says a new one will be up in two minutes. She brings the new one and Bill starts to eat and lo and behold he pulls out a short white-ish colored hair from the middle of the cheese. So he pretty much lost his appetite.  The manager came over and ended up taking his food off of the bill -- well duh! He didn't get anything to eat. Personally I think that they should have comped the entire bill, especially after TWO screw ups. And here we thought the Flying J restaurants would be getting better now that they are Denny's.....maybe we just are the lucky ones with finding bad restaurants.

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