Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good News (We Hope)

I had received a job posting from my normal merchandising channels that wanted a traveling crew leader for a company out of Georgia. The crew leader would be in charge of a reset or construction crew in a store, have their own tools, have a computer and a digital camera and be able to be on the road for 11 to 12 weeks at a time....definitely a job for only a small group of people and Bill just happened to fit into that small group.

So we emailed the recruiter who emailed back within 10 minutes (I'm thinking she doesn't get many apps for this one!) and called him right away on Friday morning. She said she would pass it along to the company who then called Bill for an interview with two of the top guys on Monday morning. He had the interview and everything sounded great but nothing was for sure until Thursday morning when he gets a call from the Vice President of Construction who wants him to work with their team the week of March 22.

The great thing about this job is that not only does it pay a wage but also $100 per diem a day and I will be able to sign on once Bill gets going. Bill made sure that the VP of Construction knew that we could not be in the cold north in the winter working due to living in the RV and he was perfectly fine with that. The job here in Phoenix will be a total remodel of a Petsmart. They *may* have a project the week after in Utah so we would be going there if so. Supposedly most of the work will be on the East Coast but the ad did say Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania too, I'm sure they will play it by ear depending on what work is available. Bill wanted to make sure that this would be somewhat full time and the VP said that he anticipates 40 to 45 weeks per year or more. He said he would pay him $900 for the week here in Phoenix as a trial run. Hopefully, this turns into something that will work out!

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