Friday, March 26, 2010

On The Road Again

Well, Bill was able to talk to Prime Retail today and they formally offered him the job which he took. At first they wanted us to be in Minneapolis by the 31st and he said no way as we have to stop in Pickerel to get his tools. PLUS I don't think many campgrounds are open yet in Minnesota so even if we'd boondock there is a chance our water would freeze - as would we. So now they are sending him to Fort Wayne Indiana by April 5 to a Target.

We are now leaving tomorrow around noon after he gets some sleep as he has to finish up at the Petsmart tonight. Hopefully we hit no big storms through the middle of the country and can be in Pickerel by Tuesday sometime. We have to load up tools and other stuff, I have to go to the doctor so I still get my meds and we want to pull the couch out of the rig. We plan on being there for two days and leaving for Appleton on Friday the 2nd so that we can get together with the Siebers family for dinner. We will then take off for Fort Wayne on Saturday the 3rd.

Hopefully this is the start of us being able to dig out of the hole the recession has put us in. I do not want to be at the Pickerel house for very long as I will want to work in my garden and Bill will want to go fishing....that is going to be very hard this year not to miss, but we don't have much other choice - the pay for this is too good and the Census has not called so we can't count on them. Alaska just won't work right now with the pay being only $7 an hour. Hopefully by doing this a couple of years we will be able to take the lower paying jobs in the neater places of the country. At least Dozey will get a couple of days to play with Clyde.

Here is Bill's entry to Letterman's stupid pet tricks.

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