Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miracles CAN happen...the story of the Pumpkin Boy

This is a post I made on the RV Pet Stop board of as there have been so many crossings to the Rainbow Bridge lately....

I wanted to post a miracle that did happen as we sure need some here for our group lately....this is the story of the Pumpkin Boy.

One day in early April 2007 Lisa and Dozer were heading down to Oshkosh from Pickerel to stay overnight and do some work. They were just past Bonduel Wisconsin on Hwy 47 when Lisa saw an orange kitty dead on the right hand side of the road. Now, this is always one of the hardest things for her, driving as much as she does, and seeing the casualties, both domestic and wild, on the sides of the roads. So she quickly said a little prayer that the poor baby was at the Rainbow Bridge and happy and looked to the left. What in the world? There was ANOTHER little orange kitty in the north bound lane dragging his hindquarters and trying to get away. So Lisa pulls over really, really fast(and knocks Dozer on his rear in the back seat!) and rushes over to the north bound lane. Thank heavens there were no other cars heading north at that moment. She picks up the little orange kitty and he says "meow" AND BEGINS TO PURR! There is dried blood on his head and he obviously can not stand up. So Lisa puts the little orange kitty on the floor on the passenger side of the truck and frantically thinks what to do.

She decides to take the little orange kitty to the Fox Valley Referral Center in Appleton Wisconsin about an hour away which is the closest emergency vet. Upon arrival she takes the little orange kitty into the hospital as he continues to purr. The staff ask his name and of course Lisa didn't know it as he was no doubt a barn cat and she had just met him an hour ago. So she decides to call him "Pumpkin Boy" as she had been calling him pumpkin during the ride as an endearment and to calm him down. The staff take him into a room and he is examined. The doctor takes Lisa into another room and says he has "good" news and "bad" news. So Lisa says "tell me the good news" because she thought the bad was going to be REALLY bad. The good news was that there was no internal organ damage although the little orange kitty was less than a year old and had been run over pretty good. The bad news was that if Lisa wanted him fixed she would have to pay for the surgery or authorize humane euthanasia. Well, there really was NO option for her to chose as euthanasia is hard enough for her to chose when the furkid is really and truly sick.

So Lisa tells Dr. Bruce, the surgeon at the hospital who is exceptional at what he does, to go ahead with surgery the next morning. She had been saving up for Lasix surgery on her eyes but obviously Pumpkin Boy needed that money more than she did. Bill was ok with it as he said "that's who you are" which was a very big relief. The next morning Pumpkin Boy is in surgery for over 5 hours. Lisa called every couple hours to check on him and finally was able to hear that he had pulled out of it ok. He could not be taken home yet though to meet his new family, 3 felines of which would NOT be very enthusiastic about his arrival. So Lisa drove back to Pickerel until she could make the 4 hour round trip to bring him home.

The ending? Well, today the Pumpkin is like the bionic kitty...he has no pain and is able to run, jump and climb up the cupboards at the stick house as if he never was broken. He is a daddy's boy and lies in Bill's lap every night. Bill taught him how to "sit pretty" on his back legs for treats. We never did find out what it was that hit him and we know that when he gets older he will probably have joint issues but all in all he is a "miracle" and I wish us all such a miracle with our furkids.

Pumpkin then

Pumpkin now

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