Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Odds N Ends

Daylight savings time -- a time of rejoicing for me in our former life, as attuned to the light and seasons as I am. But here in Arizona they don't observe daylight savings - why does the state not observe a federal law you ask? It has to do with the fact that it can still be 100 degrees after sundown and people want to get outside and do things as noted here -

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071018230735AA2wieR\ So if anyone is planning on calling us while we are still here, don't be offended if you call at 8am and it's still 6am for us!

Next Monday will be Bill's first day with Prime Retail at the Petsmart in north Phoenix by Hwy 17 and the 101. Of course, we are exactly opposite that right now as we are at the Lone Butte Casino in Chandler off of the 202. So we will be migrating 30 miles north as it would be just too far to drive during morning rush hour traffic as he has to be there at 8am. There are two other casinos that are farther north along the 101 that we will probably try and maybe even a Walmart near the Petsmart for a night or two. We are very much hoping that this job will work out even if we have to be on the East Coast for the summer. We will have to make a swing through Wisconsin as Bill has to get his tools for this job and I have to see my doctor to keep getting my scripts.

Lone Butte Casino has plenty of room in their back parking lot with sites painted off for RV parking. The RV in front of us for the last week left this morning and Bill went out to ask him how long we could stay before the casino set us on our way. The guy said he had been there since January 15 with no problems! So it is a bit sad that it is not closer to the Petsmart were Bill will be working. The bad part about being here is that the day after we arrived a cattle truck parked behind us and has not left yet. When the wind is right the smell is not so pretty.

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