Saturday, March 20, 2010

Phoenix Oddities

Just a listing of the things that we have found "strange" down here compared to the high-class, upper crust area we come from...

1. People on the streets with signs advertising businesses

Now I know this happens every year around tax time and the Liberty Tax Service puts some poor freezing souls on the corners in their lovely Statue of Liberty costumes, but here it seems like EVERY business hires someone to stand outside with their sign. And they are not freezing wearing Statue of Liberty costumes for the most part...AND they are making like $12 per hour as Bill found ads on Craigs List. The problem is that the majority of them have their iPod in their ears and are swinging and twirling the sign to whatever whacked out hip hop music they are listening to so you can't read the sign anyway!

2. Air Conditioners on Roofs

Now this one is not that strange but actually a good idea. Get the thing off of the ground so
that there is at least some more room in the miniscule lots that everyone seems to have.

3. Very few garages especially UN-attached garages

The storage places down here do a booming business between the lack of garages and the covenants that so many areas seem to have. A 10x20 costs about $200 a month.

4. Citrus fruit laying wasted on the ground

This one is a damn shame! There are so many orange and lemon trees that people must not look at the fruit as being food or something as we have seen so much just lay there and rot.

5.. Begging on highway entrances/exits

Now I know there is begging in larger cities but I'm not sure if the beggars mark off their "territory" and beg on the same corners and in teams like they do here? In fact, we were at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Mesa doing a shop when we first got here and as we were leaving a woman approached Bill's side of the truck and asked him for money because her kids were sick. He said no and she acted a bit pissy. So the next week we have the same Buffalo Wild Wings to do and as we are seated at the booth we look out the window and there is that same "beggar girl" as Bill calls her! And she is approaching people getting in and out of their cars asking for money. So we ask the server at the restaurant what is up with that and he says that this is "her" parking lot and she does the same thing every day. So I tell him that she had BETTER not approach us again with the same BS story or she would be getting an earful from me! Bill says he saw a show were the people who do this drive to their $250,000 houses in BMWs after working all day...I WILL give money to people if I see they have an animal, like the day that we found a really awesome kitten at the laudromat and I gave the lady who works there $10 to help pay for his food and litter. And one day I gave a $1 to a guy who couldn't finish paying for his burrito at Food City. At least this way I know where it's going..........

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