Sunday, March 28, 2010

Phoenix to Gallup to Liberal

We left Phoenix yesterday, March 27, at about 11 am after Bill had gotten some sleep as he didn't get home until almost 6am. We took Hwy 87 heading northeast out of Phoenix that went through some pretty steep mountain passes. Our poor gasser just does not like towing the Avalanche from about 700 ft above sea level to over 6000 ft. That is one of the main reasons we need a diesel in the future. We pulled in to Gallup New Mexico and decided to stay at the Fire Rock Casino just east of town. BAD. CHOICE. On one side of the parking lot was a railroad track that I swear carried all the country's rail shipments last night. On the other side was I-40. Needless to say that along with the 19 degree temperatures and all the noise, I don't believe I slept a hour straight. Bill, of course, snored right through it all.

We crossed the state of New Mexico today and currently are in Texas heading for our stop for the night at a truck stop in Liberal Kansas. We are trying to put on 500 miles a day so we can get to Pickerel by late Tuesday. I am NOT looking forward to more prairie views. It gets really old really fast.

I added two links at the bottom right of the blog. One for the Care2 website and another for The Animal Rescue Site. If you click these links every day money will go to good causes. There are links on each of the websites for other causes such as the rainforest, literacy, domestic violence and others. I just put the button for the animals as they are my "pet" project - pun intended! I don't make any money on these links, I just think it's great to try and help a little where we can. I click everyday and hope you are able to find a little time when you are browsing to do the same.

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